Customize your gaming experience

The RGB LED Upgrade kit allows you to mix and match your beloved gaming chair to your setup in color, or in experience. With NZXT CAM software integration, adjusting colors, interactions, and modes are all accessible with ease at your fingertips.

Wireless Connectivity

Gaming Mode

Audio Sync

Full-spectrum Colors

Magnectic Charger

Wireles Connectivity Through PC

All presets and effect customizations are done through your PC to maintain a cord-free seating experience. The RGB LED kit is the first of it’s kind to allow full spectrum customization in lighting effects while maintaining the mobility of a normal gaming chair. With zero wires to hold you back, you can achieve optimal performance while enjoying a symphony of visual effects to bolster your gaming experience.

Gameplay Immersion

With the power of our gameplay interactive modes, your gaming experience extends beyond your monitor and onto your chair. Detonate a bomb, see the lights flash. Get shot or injured, see the colors change from green to yellow to red. The sync options go on and on, allowing you to take your gameplay to the next level.

Audio Visual Sync

Synchronize your tunes and see your music come to life with vibrant lighting effects and interactions, creating an entire new way of self-expression during your streams and gameplay.

Customizable Color Combinations

Customizable RGB LEDs lets you style your gaming chair to match your mood. Choose from dozens of out-of-box presets and patterns or create your own, all from the ease of your fingertips. Fully adjustable intensity, pattern, color and speeds of individual LEDs puts the creative vision in your own hands.

Magnetic Charger and Replaceable Batteries

Charging is made simple with our multi-option recharging method. The magnetic charging port allows you to quickly connect/disconnect with ease. If wiring is not your choice, you may opt for rechargeable batteries and external charging instead. Different uses for different habits.


Holds great in any position


Holds great in any position, amazing support. comfortable and easy to maneuver.,
Lonnie T.

Had my bf customize his


Had my bf customize his chair perfectly just for him. He absolutely loves it! He uses it everyday whenever he is gaming. So happy ...
Jeanine S.

This so far is one


This so far is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs I've owned. My previous chair would give me horrible back cramps if I sat...
Michael G.

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April 23, 2021

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October 27, 2020


Amazing product

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August 4, 2020

I love it


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July 30, 2020



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July 30, 2020