Policy and General Regulations

Welcome Partner to the Vertagear.com.vn web portal (This “Site”) operated by or servicing for Vertagear.com.vn with related collaborator and companies. The following terms regulate your usage or/and purchase from this Site. Please note that use of this website constitutes your consent to be bound by the terms and conditions of use below (“Consent”).

When Customers (Buyers) access our website, they agree to these terms. The website reserves the right to change, edit, add or remove any part in the Terms and Conditions of use, at any time. Changes take effect as soon as they are posted on the website without prior notice. And when the Customers continue to use the website, after the changes in the Terms and Conditions are posted, it means that the Customers accept with such changes. Please check back often for updates.

Sincerely thank you.

1. Instructions for using the website:

This website is used to provide operational information about us, selling products that we distribute.

1.1 Terms and Conditions apply to customers:

+ Access to view information

+ Order products on Vertagear.com.vn

+ There is a need to deliver products to locations in accordance with the Delivery Policy posted on Vertagear.com.vn

1.2 The Customer in these Terms and Conditions includes:

+ All individuals ensure that they have full civil acts to perform goods purchasing transactions in accordance with the current provisions of Vietnamese law. Customer must be 18 years of age, or under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.

+ All organizations are legally established and operate under the provision of Vietnamese law.

+ When customer accesses to the vertagear.com.vn web to view information and have a need to buy. We will provide an account to use for customers to shop on the vertagear.com.vn website in the framework of the Terms and Conditions of use.

+ When registering an account, the Clients must provide authentication information about themselves and update if there is any change, at the same time be responsible for protecting their accounts and login passwords. In case the account is accessed illegally, the customer must immediately notify us for processing. Vertagear.com.vn is not responsible for damages or losses caused by the customer’s failure to comply with regulations.

+ Vertagear.com.vn reserves the right to disable any username, password or other identifier, selected by the Customer or provided by vertagear.com.vn, at any time according to the decision of vertagear.com.vn without announcing the reason for disabling.

+ It is strictly forbidden to use any part of this website for commercial purposes or on behalf of any third party without our written permission. If there is any mistake, we will apply measures according to the provisions of Vietnamese law.

2. Customer reviews:

All of your website content and contact are our property. If we detect any fake information, we will lock the Client’s account or take other measures in accordance with the Vietnamese law.

3. Trademarks and copyrights:

All intellectual property rights (registered or unregistered), information content and all design, text, graphics, software, images, videos, music, sounds, software, source code translation and underlying software are all our property. The entire content of the website is protected by copyright laws of Viet Nam and international conventions. Copyright has been reserved.

4. Information security regulations:

To us, the confidentiality of customer’s information is extremely important.

  • Customer’s privacy policy will be implemented according to the terms “Privacy Policy” posted on vertagear.com.vn.
  • Regulations on confidentiality of payment information for customers are made under the terms of “Privacy Policy” posted on vertagear.com.vn.

5. Forwarding and shipping policy:

When customer orders products posted on the website. Customer has the right to negotiate with Vertagear on the shipping method including:

  • Receive products purchased at vertagear.com.vn stores. Store information is posted in the shipping policy section.
  • Post on the post office or 3rd party delivery according to the agreement of the Customer and vertagear.com.vn.
  • Vertagear.com.vn is responsible for providing information to the buyer when any dispute arises after the delivery.
  • Vertagear.com.vn recommends that Customer needs to read carefully the shipping / delivery policy and cost of vertagear.com.vn posted on the website.

6. Warranty Policy:

For Customer (Buyer): When making transactions, Customer needs to discuss information about the warranty policy of vertagear.com.vn (if any). At the same time requested the customer to provide the item warranty (if any).

  • Customer keeps the warranty and has the right to come to the place providing products for warranting or send products to vertagear.com.vn TTBH.
  • Customer has the right to complain, sue the seller in case the seller refuses to maintain the product while it is still within the warranty period stated on the paper.

For vertagear.com.vn: be responsible for receiving product warranty for customer as in product warranty commitment.

Vertagear.com.vn recommends that customers should check the warranty and maintenance policies for the items they intend to buy. View information product warranty policy posted on vertagear.com.vn website.

7. Return Policy:

Vertagear.com.vn applies a return policy for all products that are made in accordance with the Return and Warranty Procedure posted on we.vertagear.com.vn.

8. Handling complaints:

– When there are any questions or complaints, including but not limited to quality of items / services, product delivery, attitude of delivery staff, product exchange / return. Customer can contact the Customer Care Department at hotline Tel: (84-28) 3512 3959 (823) or send your feedback to email kai@elite-jsc.com.

– Customer please provide Order code confirmed by vertagear.com.vn to email. Customer Care department of vertagear.com.vn will receive and respond to you in the shortest time.

– When there is a need for technical support, product warranty, customers refer to the provisions of the warranty policy and support list posted on vertagear.com.vn (https://vertagear.com.vn/vi/ho-tro/).

– In case of settling the complaint due to incorrect information input from vertagear.com.vn:

Customer is responsible for providing complete and accurate information when participating in transaction on vertagear.com.vn. If customer enter incorrect information and send to vertagear.com.vn, they have the right to refuse the transaction.

In addition, in all cases, the Client has the right to unilaterally end the transaction if it has taken the following measures:

+) Informed vertagear.com.vn about the transaction cancellation via hotline: 84-28) 3512 3959 (823) or sent a report to email kai@elite-jsc.com.

+) Return received products but not used or enjoy any benefits from that products (as specified in the Product Return Policy).

9. Customer’s interests protection:

– Vertagear.com.vn requires customer when registering an account or buying items at vertagear.com.vn to provide exactly some personal information such as: Full name, address, mobile phone, email and be legally responsible for such information.

– Customer has the right to submit complaints directly and to request compensation from vertagear.com.vn in case the products and services provided by the seller do not guarantee the quality as well as the published information.

10. Responsibility in case of technical errors:

10.1. Error Correction:

Contained information on the website may has spelling errors or mistakes that have not been completely edited. Therefore, vertagear.com.vn reserves the right to correct errors and omissions, change or update information at any time with or without prior notice (including right after you have finished your order list). Please note that there may be errors, inaccuracies and omissions related to the product description, price, stock quantity or others. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. If you are not fully satisfied with your transaction, you can return the item in its original condition, along with the purchase invoice 3 days after the date or purchase, subject to the terms of service of the Exchange Policy payment by Vertagear.com.vn. For more details, please see the full version of our Return Policy.

10.2. Product information:

While a product may be shown as in stock on the website, we cannot guarantee stock availability nor the possibility of immediate delivery. We hold the right and no responsibility or prior notice to retest, discontinue production or suspend the sale of any or all products and cancel any order. If production retesting, discontinuation or suspension occurs, we may at our discretion and ship the product with similar functionality and specifications to the product you ordered or canceled.

10.3. Color:

Every effort has been made to correctly display the colors of the product on the website. However, the actual color of the product will dependent on your monitor or/and other technological obstacles, we cannot and will not guarantee that your monitor will display the correct color.

10.4. Other issues:

– Vertagear.com.vn is committed to provide the best quality of service for members when participating in transactions and striving to ensure the safety and stability of the entire technical system. However, in case of a problem due to the error of the website, Vertagear.com.vn will immediately apply the variables to resolve in order to ensure the interests of buyers.

– When making transactions on the vertagear.com.vn website, members must follow the instruction process.

– However, Vertagear.com.vn will not be responsible for the settlement in case the member’s notice is not sent to Vertagear.com.vn, arising from technical, communication, software or other errors not caused by Vertagear.com.vn.

11. Rights and obligations of the vertagear.com.vn Website Management Board:

– Have the right to check information of members posted on the vertagear.com.vn website, especially price, product quality, comment and post information.

– Have the right to refuse, suspend or immediately terminate the Customer’s membership and the right to access / use the customer’s trading account on the vertagear.com.vn website at any time if we decide that continuing to allow the customer to make transactions is likely to cause damage to vertagear.com.vn and other members without customer’s agreement.

– Refusing to provide one of all services on vertagear.com.vn website in case members violate regulations, laws or have actions affecting business activities on vertagear.com.vn trading floor. However, the Management Board will notify the member within at least fifteen days (15).

– Consider terminating the right to use and revoking membership certificate if the member does not have enough financial capacity to perform obligations when participating in transactions on vertagear.com.vn or having fraudulent, fake acts, market disrupting, causing disunity to other members.

– Keep the copyright for the form, content on vertagear.com.vn in accordance with the copyright law. All acts of using the interface, design, presentation (layout) of images and information of vertagear.com.vn without prior written consent of Vertagear.com.vn are strictly prohibited.

– Retain the right to change the service price list and payment method during the service provision for members according to the needs, conditions and capabilities of vertagear.com.vn trading floor and will notify members in advance.

– Register vertagear.com.vn e-commerce website with competent State agency.

– Develop operating regulations and instructions for Buyers when participating in transactions on vertagear.com.vn.

–  The vertagear.com.vn web management board is responsible for guiding members to carry out the buying and selling process on the e-commerce trading floor, especially the application of the online payment function.

12. Rights and obligations of members when participating in vertagear.com.vn web transaction:

– Members participating in vertagear.com.vn website are allowed to register for free an account with their own username and password to conduct transaction.

– Buyers are free to shop for all products which are saled on the web.

– Have the right to complain about any issues related to the purchase or sale transaction or affect the legal interests of members.

– To be consulted and supported by vertagear.com.vn staff in transaction forms and using utilities on the website.

– Members enjoy preferential policies posted on the vertagear.com.vn website.

– Members have the right give comments to vertagear.com.vn during the operation. The proposals are sent directly through mail, fax or email to the website.

– Members will be responsible for the security and storage and all activities using the service under their registered name, password and email.

– Committing that the information provided when registering to use the service / placing an order at the vertagear.com.vn e-commerce website is correct, such as: Full name, contact address, email, phone number,…

– Be responsible for providing information on transactions and items in order to assist the resolution of disputes and conflicts arising between customers (the buyer) and vertagear.com.vn (the seller).

– Members commits not to use the service of vertagear.com.vn trading floor for illegal purposes, deceive, probe information, virus spreading which damages the system, configuration, web information transmission line, not intentionally creating virtual orders for any reason, including judging market demand. If members violate this term, they will have to bear full responsibility before the law.

– Do not change, modify or copy, provide third party tools which are similar to the vertagear.com.vn website.

– Do not take any action or information to discredit the vertagear.com.vn e-commerce trading floor in any form.


This website and all its contents are disclosed as information without warranty of any kind, whether presented or implied, including titles or items assurance for a given purpose. By using the site, you agree to accept it at your own risk and you are responsible for all costs associated with any necessary services or repairs to equipment you use to connect to our website and Vertagear or all of its partners, owners, staffs and directors will not be responsible for any malfunctions when you are using the website.

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