Privacy Policy For Personal Information

Our Privacy Policy For Personal Information is created to explain how information is collected on our vertagear.com.vn website and how it is used after it has been collected. This Privacy Policy may be changed at any time. By using this vertagear.com.vn website, you accept the terms and conditions outlined in our Privacy Policy For Personal Information and Term of Use.

1. Purpose and scope of information collection:

Information security policy is one of the policies that the vertagear.com.vn website (“we” for short) attaches great importance when customers make purchases on our system.

We are committed to not selling, sharing or exchanging personal information of customers collected on the website to any other third party.

Collected personal information will be used only within the company. When you contact or register information, vertagear.com.vn will collect any personal information related to a certain individual, this information includes:

+ Full Name

+ Address

+ Email Address

+ Phone Number

+ Contact Content

+ Reviews and evaluations of customer’s products (including information, pictures and videos provided by customers)

+ Other registration information when Customers actively participate in programs. For example, promotions collect this kind of information.

The above information will be used for the purpose of: Consulting information related to products and services provided by us.

2. Scope of using information:

At vertagear.com.vn, we collect and store personal and transactional information in our customer database. This information is used to process your transactions and orders, as well as for us to improve customer service for you. Also, you may also receive paper or e-mail notices from us to announce new products, discounts or special offers.

3. Information storage time:

We will store the Personal Information provided by the customer on our internal systems during service provision to the customer or until the customer requests to destroy the information provided.

4. The collected and managed personal information unit address:


289/1 Ung Van Khiem, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Phone: 028 3512 3959

5. Means and tools for users to access and correct their personal data:

– You can call us directly at Hotline: 028 3512 3959 (ext 823) or contact by email at kai@elite-jsc.com, we will correct or delete data for you.

– In case customers have registered a member account on Veratagear.com.vn. You can check personal information by yourself, adjust, modify or cancel information by logging into the account that was previously registered.

– In case you find out your personal information is leaked to a third party. You can file a complaint to the management of vertagear.com.vn via hotline: 028 3512 3959 (ext 823) or contact by email at kai@elite-jsc.com. When receiving these feedbacks, Vertagear.com.vn will confirm the information and is responsible for giving reasons, instructions for retrieving the information and keeping personal information confidential.

6. Commitment to protect personal information of customers:

To us, the confidentiality of customer’s information is extremely important.

We know that you will be very interested in whether the information you give us is confidential, secure or not. Therefore, we create this privacy policy to demonstrate our commitment to the safety and security of our customers. Through this Privacy Policy, we want you to understand about our collection of customer information, the use and sharing of information as well as the privacy of our customers.

We will not share your information with any other company nor use it for any business purposes. We only use this information for the purpose of providing advice on information related to the products we distribute.

7. Privacy Policy For Personal Information and Changes:

By accessing and using the Vertagear.com.vn website, you agree to this Privacy Policy and this Regulations. This is the full text of our Privacy Policy and Regulations, also it supersedes any previous version. We may change our Terms of Privacy Policy and Regulations by posting a new version on this website. It is therefore your responsibility to check it regularly.

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